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RitzWerks features a Demonstration Prototype of HYVT Solar Generator

HYVT Solar Generators use solar energy as fuel to increase efficiency and cut down on the square footage necessary for a solar system

Plano, Tx October 25, 2022 – RitzWerks has started testing on a demonstration prototype of its patent-pending HYVT Solar Generator. Code name SXXXF1 successfully completed tests generating 400 watthours. This package is a stepping stone for the further development of HYVT Solar Generators and a blueprint for a future introductory production model using the same principles. More tests will be completed over the next few months to further prove the viability of the technology.

About RitzWerks

RitzWerks was founded by Mark Ritvalski in 2019 to develop technologies that improve the current options available for green energy generation. Throughout research and development, the principle of Energy Independence became the foundation of the company. Energy Independence is the idea that for the world to truly wean itself off fossil fuels, action must be taken now. To do this the world needs products that are more efficient, cost-effective, and applicable to multiple applications. For more information visit

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