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RitzWerks introduces HYVT Frontier Pergola and Frontier 1000

Updated: Jan 30

In time for the summer, RitzWerks is launching two new products geared toward those who need power outdoors

Frontier Pergola render

Plano, Tx April 11, 2023 – After years of working and perfecting HYVT technology RitzWerks is launching the Frontier Series. While HYVT Home Power is being further developed, we at RitzWerks were looking for a way to share HYVT technology with those who have power needs that aren't as large as a home. This is where the Frontier Series was born. HYVT technology in a 1-kilowatt package is Frontier 1000. The smaller, more portable version of Home Power is adaptable to any situation. Charging faster with solar panels than any current solar generator on the market is exclusively geared toward solar charging. No other generator on the market can say that.

Frontier Pergola is geared toward those who want outdoor living without the exuberant cost of getting electrical work done on your home. A perfect opportunity to introduce HYVT technology to the world while also encouraging the adoption of green power in everyday life. A fraction of the cost of a comparable wired option, Frontier Pergola powers itself and is easy to assemble in hours. Together with Frontier 1000, Frontier Pergola is intended to be the cornerstone that RitzWerks will build on as the year goes on. For more information go to

About RitzWerks

RitzWerks was founded by Mark Ritvalski in 2019 to develop technologies that improve on the current options available for green energy generation. Throughout research and development, the principle of Energy Independence became the foundation of the company. Energy Independence is the idea that for the world to truly wean itself off fossil fuels, action must be taken now. To do this the world needs products that are more efficient, cost-effective, and applicable to multiple applications. For more information visit

Contact: All inquiries can be sent to Mark Ritvalski at





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