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As the world quickly changes around us innovation has had a lasting impact on our climate with the destruction of our natural resources. It is undeniable that as the world continues to innovate there will be no choice but to transition to technologies that make better use of our resources and protect our climate.  RitzWerks was formed to address the shortcomings of current technology along with putting in motion ways to make Energy Independence accessible to all. 

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As we move toward a world that is more concerned about the survival of our climate we need real solutions that can be implemented now. The only true way to accomplish this is through the development of solutions that deliver true Energy Independence. Independence from the grid, bureaucracies, and municipalities hold back innovation. RitzWerks was formed with one goal in mind, providing green energy solutions that anyone can use anywhere, PPP (Personal Power Production)



This is just the start. Innovation is what we are and innovation never stands still.  The company we are today is not the company we will be tomorrow. 

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