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Frontier Pergola, what it is, and why it exists.

Updated: Jan 30

The first consumer-ready product is available for sale by RitzWerks. Frontier Pergola is a new take on the classic cost-effective backyard covering.

Frontier Pergola render, dark furniture

Plano, Tx May 1, 2023 – Frontier Pergola is the introductory product and a real-life tangible proof of concept for consumers of HYVT technology. The Frontier Pergola started as an idea that our founder Mark Ritvalski came across a few months ago on a Saturday. As we were developing and continuing to develop Home Power, we were looking for a product that would be easy for a homeowner to purchase while having a lower cost to entry than Home Power. With summer right around the corner and the Ritvalski family looking for an option to cover their patio, Mark came to a dilemma of how he would wire the new cover for power. A lightbulb went off and here we are with Frontier Pergola.

Frontier Pergola takes the SXXXF prototype test bed and puts it to work with plenty of power to run a tv, fan, and multiple 120-volt outlets. With this, the transition from idea to product was easy and took a few weeks. Three 100-watt solar panels and a more consumer-friendly packaging of the SXXXF prototype created the power system needed to make Frontier Pergola the only self-powered pergola kit on the market. After many high wind tests during tornado season in North Texas and also the springtime temperature swings, Frontier Pergola was ready for production.

The expectation is a limited run of only a hundred or so Frontier Pergola Kits as we prepare for the launch of our cornerstone product, HYVT Home Power.

About RitzWerks

RitzWerks was founded by Mark Ritvalski in 2019 to develop technologies that improve the current options available for green energy generation. Throughout research and development, the principle of Energy Independence became the foundation of the company. Energy Independence is the idea that for the world to truly wean itself off fossil fuels, action must be taken now. To do this the world needs products that are more efficient, cost-effective, and applicable to multiple applications. For more information visit

Contact: All inquiries can be sent to Mark Ritvalski at

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