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Offset Moose on Green

Sun’s Out, Grill’s Out

Green Moose Solar Grills

Go green and grill clean with solar energy.

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Precision Control With Offset Moose

Fine Tune Your Offset Grilling 

Never before has there been a device that can make offset smokers as smooth and predictable as a pellet grill. No wires, assembled in minutes, with no fuss, the Offset Moose is for those who do not want to relinquish their offset smokers but also wouldn't mind making things a little bit easier.  More control equals better taste and better results for you and your family.

Offset Moose Blank

10 Hour Battery Life 

Wire Power that goes all night long. Plenty of battery to last with the capability to run at full power for over 10 hours. During normal operation battery time can exceed 16 hours. 

Just like your friend down the street with a pellet grill, you can set the temperature you need and Offset Moose will keep a consistent temperature for hours  

Exact Control

Just stick it on. No drill needed. Our Mag Lock system  makes it easy as pie to secure your Offset Moose to your grill 

Easy Installation 


Being green has its benefits. No need for cords or worrying about changing batteries, like all of our products Offset Moose is powered by the sun. 

Offset Moose on Grill

Power Moose

Change Your Pellet Grilling Life

No more plugging in 

We haven't forgotten about our  Pellet Grillers. You are someone who likes to set it and forget it. Great results, every time no matter what.  But why the cords? This is a grill, not an oven or an air fryer.  You don't want to keep tripping over this extension cord. You want to grill freely! Here is the Power Moose. Just stick it on your Pellet box, plug it in, and never worry about cords again. Wireless grilling as god intended. 

Power Moose

20 Hour Battery Life

When the sun goes down there is no need to worry, your Power Moose has enough battery life to get you through those long cooks. 

Easy to Install

Like all of our Green Moose Products, Power Moose comes with Mag-lock, our solution that makes installation a snap. Just connect Power Moose to your hooper and plug it in. Thats all you need 

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