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Discover why our Light Poles are better with green energy 

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How Our SolPol Works 

 Engineered in Germany – Solar street lights with the PV panels wrapped around the pole for limited wind impact and solar gain all day long and all year long. Systems include LED fixture, PV, pole, Lithium battery, remote control. Several sizes are available.  The solar component is a vertical, cylindrical photovoltaic module with high-performance mono crystalline cells: it can pick up direct and indirect sunlight and is much less susceptible to dust and sand (“self-cleaning” in most environments – water spray from the ground if necessary – no lift required).

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More options for any application. RitzWerks offers SolPol in different configurations for any application including traffic lights.  

Multiple Models

Cost Effective
Nothing is More Eco-Friendly

Powered by solar photovoltaic cells, a Sol-Pol solar street lamp doesn’t rely on the grid. In fact, its powerful solar panels, along with a high-capacity lithium battery, can keep the lighting unit running even if there’s no sunlight for days

No need to run electric 

Plug and Play design makes installation a breeze. Self-cleaning design makes maintenance easier than any other option on the market 

GPRS-powered Remote Control

Once installed into the lighting system, this GRPS system can allow the operator to control these street lights from a remotely located control room. This eliminates the need to install underground or overhead wiring to turn the lights on/off or control the illumination, among others. 

Plug and Play

SolPol is the easiest lighting solution to install, period. Find a place for your concrete slab to mount SolPol on to then literally use our plug to finish install. That is it. No wires to run or solder 

But also offering lighting for any situation

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Sol Pol is available for all scenarios. Residential or commercial we have solutions for everything. 

Looking for Something Particular

Let us know what you are looking for and we will make a way. Before you spend thousands ask us first. 

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