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Frontier Solar Gazebo Kit is the only outdoor living room in a box! PRE-ASSEMBLED, FULLY WIRED, AND READY TO ENJOY IN A FEW HOURS!!!! Get the modern outdoor living room you want at the price point you can afford Amaze your guests with the only gazebo that powers itself.  This Solar Gazebo is 13' x 12' for easy setup and operation in just about any outdoor living situation. There is nothing else like this. Change your outdoor living with a few hours on a weekend. Save thousands over building a pergola and having an electrician wire it for power from your home. Take a step toward saving our climate while you enjoy your outdoor living space. 

Frontier Solar Gazebo

  • The only Gazebo Kit on the market that includes all you need for clean independent energy generation. Featuring six 120v outlets, a tv mount, and a fan box, this is also the only Pergola Kit that comes ready to enjoy out of the box. Easy assembly that takes a few hours there is absolutely no need for contractors or electricians. Included are 3 100-watt solar panels and 1kw of battery storage. More than enough power to enjoy all the electronics you need while hanging out in your brand new yard.

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