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Solar is the fuel 

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Power anywhere you need it 

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Frontier Series, the first production run of HYVT Solar Generators Featuring Frontier 1000 and Frontier Pergola. For those that need green power where power isn't.  

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Frontier Pergola, is for those that want to start their transition to clean green energy outdoors. Going beyond other pergola options that are just covered from the sun, our pergola kits are 9' X 9', fully wired for all your outdoor needs. Coming with six 120v outlets, a fan connection, and a dedicated outlet for your tv. Start your transition to green energy and make your backyard livable at an affordable price. All made possible with the power of HYVT.

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Already have a pergola with no power?

Reach out to us and get a quote on green powering your outdoor livng

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Frontier 1000, the power plant for Pergola, is also available as a stand-alone. Power anything anywhere in a package that goes longer and further than comparable "solar generators". Charge quickly right on site during the day and enjoy all the power you need at night.  If you are outdoors then you need Frontier 1000.

And for those that already have pergolas and backyard furniture but no power, Frontier 1000 is your answer. 

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