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Solar Is Here To Change Grilling 

With Green Moose RitzsWerks Is Bringing Solar Power to The Original Way to Cook Green 

Cords For Your Grill Just Doesn't Seem Right 

Today is seems that every new grill comes with a power cord and you have to find an extension cord to power it. To us that just didn't seem right and we got to work. For the ever popular pellet grill, we are introducing the Power Moose. The Power Moose is our solar generator made especially for pellet grills. Finally return back to grilling's roots without cords and powered by nature 

Solar Moose Render on White

Here at RitzWerks we specialize at  bringing solar power to places  people may not expect it.  Never before has there been a device that can make offset smokers as smooth and predictable as a pellet grill. No wires, assembled in minutes, with no fuss, the Offset Moose is for those who do not want to relinquish their offset smokers but also wouldn't mind making things a little bit easier.  More control equals better taste and better results for you and your family.

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Solar Powered Pergolas

Custom Pergola Kits, Fully Wired, Solar-Powered, Right Out of the Box

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How Does This Work?

1 Kilowatt Hours


3 hours

to Fully Charge

RitzWerks Solar Pergola Kits enhance outdoor living for homeowners passionate about embracing the great outdoors, effortlessly blending eco-conscious living with stylish design. Our solar-powered pergola kits are the quintessential addition to your outdoor space, allowing you to create a retreat in just hours. Forget the long waits and complex installations—our kits come pre-wired and ready to assemble, delivering everything you need directly to your doorstep. Designed for the DIY enthusiast, there's no need for contractors or electricians. Powered purely by solar energy, our pergolas let you bask in the beauty of your backyard oasis, enhancing your outdoor living experience without adding a penny to your energy bill. With RitzWerks, stepping into your outdoor sanctuary has never been so easy or sustainable, making it the perfect choice for homeowners eager to merge their love for the outdoors with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Solar Pergola Render Blue Background

Solar Powered, No electricians, Easy assembly, Perfect for all yards,

3 Hours

Assembly Time 

100 sq feet

Area (standard Model)

Our solar pergolas are also the ost cost effective way to redesign your outdoor living and finally enjoy your yard 

Sol Pol

Join The Lighting Revolution.

Discover the Bright Side of Free Solar-Powered Energy and Get Light Where You Need it.

Bollard Lighting options
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