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The World's Only Solar Powered Pergola Kits

Ready For Entertaining Right Out Of The Box.

Starting at $1950.00

All Of Our Kits Feature:

  • Fully Wired 

  • Easy Assembly 

  • Six 110-volt Outlets 

  • Fan Connection 

  • Tv Mount

  • Battery Backup For Night Use 

Pergola .png
Pergola take 2.png

Original Pergola 

Louvered Pergola Pciture.jpg

Louvered Pergola 

Change Your Outdoor Living With Clean Power

No electricians, Easy assembly, Perfect for most yards, and Sun Power 

Sun Pergola is the only 10'x10' pergola kit that is not only solar-fueled with HYVT technology but also can be set up in hours. Not days or weeks. Everything you need for setup is sent right to you. No contractors or electricians are required. Fueled by the sun so enjoying summer will not increase your energy bill at all. 
Need something bigger? Request a quote

Pergola Take 2

Frquently Asked Questions

What comes with this kit?

  • Sun Pergola features 1 Aluminum Pergola kit (fully wired and ready to assemble), a 300-watt solar panel, 1 tv mount, 1 wired box fan, and 6 110v outlets.

How do I enjoy my Sun Pergola at night?

  • Each  pergola kit features a 1kw battery storage offering more than enough power to make it through the night

How long does the kit take to assemble?

  • The Sun Pergola kit can be assembled in four hours with the help of one additional person  

Does this come with a roof?​

  • We do offer custom options that can include a roof just reach out and we will take care of what you need. Contact us

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