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Electric School Buses Are Coming But We Aren’t Ready

Updated: Jan 30

Render of electric buses charging in the city

Over the past few weeks, the EPA and Infrastructure Act have promised more funding for school districts to replace their dirty diesel buses with electric ones. At its surface, this is an excellent idea. School buses don't travel very far and only run a small percentage of the day. Leaving plenty of time for charging in between routes. But how are we going to charge all of these buses?

You cannot talk about electric vehicles without discussing the infrastructure necessary to charge all of these vehicles. There have been many strides in charging infrastructure in recent years but we have yet to see a solution for fleets like school buses. As we push for more and more of these vehicles, the question has to be asked "Have we put the cart before the horse?"

Sure school districts can charge at their local bus barn using the grid but what does that look like with the average school district having 28 buses? Before we get to that buses, like electric vehicles, use a lot of energy. Anywhere between 120-200kwh are used per bus. To put this in realistic terms, the average home uses 28 per day. If we are able to convert all diesel buses to electric, that would be like adding 3 million more homes to the mostly fossil fuel-powered, crumbling grid. This is only school buses, imagine if we converted all fleet vehicles.

All news is not grim though, green energy is gaining a share in overall energy production and hopefully, there are upgrades to the grid soon to come. Still, the implementation of these solutions on a dramatic share is not pacing with the adaptation and acceptance of these vehicles. Realistically one is coming sooner than the other and that will cause some potentially dire issues.

Here at RitzWerks, we have a solution that is ready to work alongside the adoption of electric buses across our county. Our solution not only provides off-the-grid green energy to charge our nation's buses, but it also makes it easy to build and customize the solution to different size fleets. HYVT is how we electrify our school buses with pure green energy in the most efficient way possible.

About RitzWerks

RitzWerks was founded by Mark Ritvalski in 2019 to develop technologies that improve the current options available for green energy generation. Throughout research and development, the principle of Energy Independence became the foundation of the company. Energy Independence is the idea that for the world to truly wean itself off fossil fuels, action must be taken now. To do this the world needs products that are more efficient, cost-effective, and applicable to multiple applications. For more information visit

Contact: All inquiries can be sent to Mark Ritvalski at

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