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RitzWerks Pergola Kits

Here at RItzWerks, we strive to provide you with the best Pergola Kit option available on the market. We offer the only prewired, solar-powered Pergola Kits in the United States. Assembled in Plano, Texas, and available in any of the lower 48 states. See what we have to offer! If you are looking for something that we don't  CONTACT US   and we will make it happen just for you. 


We offer three different pergola options: wooden, aluminum, and louvered 



The Aluminum Pergola is a new favorite. Easy to assemble and maintain. Sleek and modern for those that want more style in their backyard



The Classic Wooden Pergola. For those who want the original with the latest in entertainment technology, wooden is for you. 

Pergola Kit


For the new kids! The Louvered Pergola is for those who want to show off their ability to adapt to the elements. It features louvers that can shield you from the elements and truly create outdoor living no matter what mother nature throws at you. 

Pergola FAQs

"Pergolas are outdoor structures that provide shade to an area. They are usually made in wood or alumium."

What makes a Pergola?

"Pergolas are a feature of your yard and usually do not take up the full space. But we have done pergolas that are rather large and essentially become outdoor living rooms For specifics please contact us. "

How do I determine what size to get?

"Give us a call and we will help you pick the best option for you."

How do I chose?

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