Solar is the fuel 

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Solar is fuel

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HYVT M. The first production series of HYVT is made exclusively for homeowners who want the power of solar without the clutter of a huge solar array and at a fraction of the cost.


Available to be mounted on your roof or on the ground HYVT M is adaptable to anyone’s preference.


Green Energy Independence for all. There is no excuse not to save the earth and cut your energy costs.

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Starting at 
$3450.00 (350watt solar panel included)

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M5, First Edition. Get 5kilowatts of power in a significantly less expensive package than what you would find anywhere else. The choice really is yours. Do you want to do your part to save the environment? Do you want to save on your energy bills? Do you want to save thousands over other green options? if you asked yes then HYVT is for you. 

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Is 5kw not enough energy? Then add another. M5 is totally modular. Meaning you can add on as many units as you need. Talk to one of our Consultants and they will recommend the perfect setup for you needs. 

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10kw package starting at 
$6900.00 (eligible for solar tax credit)