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Solar Panels

As we move toward a world that is more concerned about the survival of our climate we need real solutions that can be implemented now. The only way to accomplish this is through the development of solutions that deliver true Energy Independence. Independence from the grid, bureaucracies, and municipalities hold back innovation. RitzWerks was formed with one goal in mind, providing green energy solutions that anyone can use anywhere, PPP (Personal Power Production)

Mission Statement

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Society is on the verge of a revolution that will save everyone from climate change. After years of discussion, thought, and marketing green energy is finally taking hold in mainstream society. But there is so much more to do. Most homes and businesses still rely entirely on fossil fuel-driven methods of generating power. Green, sustainable alternatives are available in increasing numbers but with an aging infrastructure and a failing power grid, these solutions barely make a dent.

As soon as 2030 many governments worldwide are putting into place policies that will continue to increase the strain on power grids. The most glaring examples include the push for electric vehicles and the banning of gas-powered machinery. These are great steps but without an efficient way of generating green energy, these steps will be taken in vain as a society will inevitably rely on fossil fuel energy to pick up the extra strain, Efficiencies, and innovation are needed now to prepare for the upcoming issues of the adoption of as more green energy and sustainable options develop.

The Opportunity 

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An HYVT Solar Generator works by pairing solar panels with a wind turbine in an enclosed environment through our patent-pending methods. The pairing of these two technologies lessens the deficiencies of solar and wind energy while taking advantage of the benefits,


For example, wind turbines produce a large amount of power in a smaller footprint than solar panels but the wind doesn't always blow. Solar panels use the sun's energy and can even produce on cloudy days but they need a substantial amount of space. By combining these two options into one package, HYVT eliminates the downsides while enjoying the benefits.


The HYVT solar generator uses solar energy to command wind energy in a controlled environment for increased efficiency.

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