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Solar is the fuel 

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Solar Fueled Power when the grid lets you down

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Home Power Emergency  blank.png

HYVT Home Power Emergency. In a world where blackouts are becoming more and more common HYVT Home Power Emergency is there for those that do not want to invest in costly gas generators. Easy to use and setup while being fueled by the sun there is no other backup generator product like this on the market. 

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Systems starting at 

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How does it work

Unlike gas generators, Home Power Emergency is easy to install and operate. Just add a 120v, 15 amp outlet and transfer switch to your home (if you do not have one or are uncomfortable installing one yourself we can help). Once that is installed plug in your Home Power. When the lights go out flip a switch and you will have all the power you need to make it through. 

Coming Soon Home Power for your whole home

Interested? Reach out to us and get more information

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