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The Best Emergency Home Backup System

-Easy to install and use 

-Solar Fueled 

-Maintenance Free  

-Never worry about charging batteries

-Cost Effective


Emergency Home Power, for those that do not want to worry about blackouts. In many places all over the country, blackouts are becoming more and more common. Emergency Home Power is the only solution on the market to feature HYVT technology. Power the things you need during a blackout. Nothing more nothing less.

Nowadays most blackouts happen during the day and last around an hour. During these occurrences, you do not need the power and expense of a huge natural gas generator. Nor do you need to worry about starting or fueling a diesel one. Emergency home power is fueled by the sun providing enough energy to make the blackouts of today no longer an inconvenience. And if you do happen to have a power outage at night, Emergency Home Power features a 2kw battery backup to get you through. All of this at the fraction of the price of anything else. 

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